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The Dent Schoolhouse

Cincinnati’s Halloween Tradition

Consistently Selected as one of the BEST HAUNTS in AMERICA!

Haunted House

The Dent Schoolhouse

Walk through Cincinnati’s Scariest Haunted House!  Experience the story of a murderous Janitor and the killer faculty that now inhabit this haunted schoolhouse.  Opens September – October 31st

Ghost Tours

Walk through The Dent Schoolhouse is complete darkness as you are guided through the schoolhouse and shown all the ghostly hot spots of the schoolhouse!  No actors… just you and the schoolhouse.  October Wednesdays only!

Lights Out

Lights Out

Experience The Dent Schoolhouse with nothing but a glow stick in your hand!  Filled with live monsters, The Dent Schoolhouse goes completely DARK!  Only in November!

Lights On

Lights On

Experience The Dent Schoolhouse with the lights on and the schoolhouse with no monsters!  This is perfect for all ages and is great to see all the detail in the award winning sets.  PLUS- Trick – Or – Treat through the schoolhouse with candy stations!   October 24th, 2021!

A Christmas Nightmare

A Christmas Nightmare

Experience what it is like to celebrate Halloween and Christmas on the same day!  The schoolhouse is decked out for this ghoulish holiday and a new batch of X-Mas themed characters have taken over this Christmas Nightmare!

Behind The Scenes Tours

Behind The Scenes Tours

Want to know what makes a haunted house tick?  Take this unique guided tour as you are shown behind the scenes of The Dent Schoolhouse.  Tours are small and will sell out.  Tours are done before the haunt opens.

Tickets can be purchased online. Purchase early because tickets will sell out!

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The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45248

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