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Scary Stories Trailer 2019

The first regular season haunt trailer is now live from The Dent Schoolhouse! This new haunting spirit walks… and crawls the halls of the schoolhouse.  She is one of the new characters to join the cast of Charlie the Janitor and Zobo the clown for 2019.  She is definitely what nightmares are made out of!...

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Mannequin Challenge Cast Party

To celebrate a successful haunted house season the crew from The Dent Schoolhouse has a costume party every year to unwind.  This year, the costume party became one of the popular Mannequin Challenge videos.  A Mannequin Challenge is a video where everyone in the room freezes while the camera roams around the room.  Our cast...

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Ben-Gal Cheerleaders Scream

For the second year in the row the Ben-Gal Cheerleaders have come to The Dent Schoolhouse for a frightening good time.  This year, they surprised the whole squad with a spooky trip to the old schoolhouse.  Needless to say, there was very little cheering when they got inside… and a whole lot of screaming as...

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A Dark Look at Slaughter Yard 2016

Queen City Slaughter Yard has been been part of The Dent Schoolhouse attraction for over three years this year.  2016, the Slaughter Yard got 1/3 the size larger!  New additions include a huge smoke house, more butchers, more victims, more chain saws, and a massive load of bodies (that keep piling up).  We listened to...

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Fall Is Almost Here!

With the extreme heat we have been seeing around the tri-state, and with The Dent Schoolhouse opening up in less than a month…. we wanted to sharing something to cool off with. Introducing Mr. Frostee!  He will be joining the schools faculty to add something sweet for 2016!  

Devil’s Night- Short Film

Many of us are getting that itch to have Halloween!  So the team at The Dent Schoolhouse has just launched this fun short horror film dealing with the night before Halloween. The short has already won 5 short film awards and hopes to take on more. See what it’s like to be a security guard...

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