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It is recommended that you purchase tickets online!

Tickets will sell out each night!


A Christmas Nightmare

Experience this fan favorite!  December 10 & 11.  Experience what it is like to celebrate Christmas at a haunted house!   This special 1 weekend haunted event is from 6:00pm – 10pm.


Fall Box Office Hours

Thursdays 7:30pm – 10pm
Fridays/Saturdays 7:30pm – 12am

*as long as you are in line by the end of box office hours you will get to go through the schoolhouse


ublLights OUT

Experience the schoolhouse in a whole new way! Travel through the schoolhouse with almost all of the lights out!!! ONLY on November 5th & 6th from 7:30pm – 12am!


Lights On Tour

Experience the schoolhouse with the lights on!  This is a great way to introduce a little one to Halloween or just to see all of the detail that the old schoolhouse has to offer.  There are no actors inside so you can go through at your own pace.  From 4pm -6pm Sunday, 24th.

The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45248

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The trees are decorated, the lights are hung... all we need is you! A Christmas Nightmare is this Friday and Satur…
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