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The Dent School House
Find out the true story of what happened at the old school house in Cincinnati, OH. Click Here


NEW PHOTOS of The Dent Schoolhouse
The Dent Gazette has uploaded a flash photo gallery of photos from inside the schoolhouse. Click Here

School House Opening as Haunted House!


The current owners announce they are opening the old school house to the public! Click Here



The Dent Gazette has a very long history to it. It started in 1942 as a paper to keep locals from Dent, OH informed about the strange disappearances of local children. It soon became our mission to do everything in our power to keep Cincinnati, OH up to date on the terrible occurrences.

It is our Mission to keep Cincinnati informed and to one day find the old Janitor known as Charlie, so that he can be put behind bars for his horrific and un-human acts at the Public School of Dent, OH.

We are currently updating all our our printed articles to digital images so as to archive the events. Check back because more articles will be added.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: For those touring The Dent School House... aka The Haunted House... please use caution when touring. Evil lurks within the walls of the school. The basement is truly hell on earth.