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The Dent School House
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NEW PHOTOS of The Dent Schoolhouse
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School House Opening as Haunted House!


The current owners announce they are opening the old school house to the public! Click Here


New Owners Open Up New Evil

CINCINNATI- The staff at the Dent Gazette has always pushed for the old school house at Dent to be closed to the public.  The house is a grizzly symbol of the level of evil that one person or persons can yield.   That one man would be Charlie, aka the Janitor.

We recently talked with the owners of The Haunted House, again, and voiced our concerns, again.  We pushed for the safety of our readers as well as the local youths that try to catch a glimpse of something haunting in the building.

It is plain and simple.  There is no need for the public to tour the building.  Too much evil has built itself up in the walls!

What did the owners say when we asked them to shut it down one may ask?  We got a simple, “No.” with a chuckle.  I explained that they were tampering with an evil that is real.  The three owners simply explained that no one has ever been hurt and they don’t plan on a “goofy ghost” hurting their guests when they open in September and October.

The owners did allow the Dent Gazette exclusive access to tour the building.  They are actually allowing their guests to view such rooms as the principal’s office, the old nurse’s office, several class rooms, the school’s library, and much more.  We went to view the basement but the owners stopped the tour.  “You all can lead your way through the basement.  We don’t even walk through this part of the house,” said one of the owners.

Our staff did not tour the basement because the lights were off, we were alone, and we had no flash lights to guide our way.  Some of our staff declined the tour, as well, because of some deep rooted memories of when they used to be a student or had a relative in the school.  Those who made it to the end of the tour all agreed that once you went down the steps to the “hell’s basement” the tone and the mood switches quickly to a very grim and dark one.

Even though we could no talk the owners into an agreement of shutting down their operations, they agreed to toss around the idea of not allowing the public access to the school’s basement.

We, at the Dent Gazette, will keep on pushing to seal up the evil and horror that lives with in the walls of the old school house.

Executive Editor-- Bob Hiedden