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The Dent School House
Find out the true story of what happened at the old school house in Cincinnati, OH. Click Here


NEW PHOTOS of The Dent Schoolhouse
The Dent Gazette has uploaded a flash photo gallery of photos from inside the schoolhouse. Click Here

School House Opening as Haunted House!


The current owners announce they are opening the old school house to the public! Click Here


Recent Local News

We strive to keep the Cincinnati area up to date on any happenings that may be in relation to The old Public School of Dent, OH. Here you can be updated with the news as it happens and comes available.

September 18, 2009---The owners open the doors for 2009 to the schoolhouse.

September 12, 2009---Police Report: Several local residents complain of the school's bell going off at 3:05am and 5:00am.

September 8, 2008---Haunted Ohio, a documentary show about haunted house came to the schoolhouse to do a segment for 2009.

October 9, 2007---The Dent Gazette issued a report that the Dent Schoolhouse Haunted Attraction should shut down. It has already had over 20 people pass-out because the event was so intense. Countless visitors have gone into the lobby and had to leave! "It's real! It's all real!"--Mike Mable (Greentownship Resident)

October 10, 2006---The Dent Gazette is given access to the school house. But after only 20 minutes our tour ends due to "power failure" in the houses lower level. *We have scheduled another touring in late October*

September 22, 2006---The old Dent school house is open for touring and runs through October... there are several eyewitness accounts that an old man dressed in a jumpsuit can be seen on the property! Locals are saying Charlie and his wrath are back!

September 3, 2006---The Haunted House Crew is seen at River Fest and the Toyota/WEBN Fireworks

July 17, 2006---The Online Dent Gazette is up and running

July 1, 2006 ---Paranormal Group visits the school

May 20, 2005--- New owners set to open school to public