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The Dent School House
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NEW PHOTOS of The Dent Schoolhouse
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School House Opening as Haunted House!


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The Story of The Dent School House

CINCINNATI- In 1894 the Dent Public School was open. Teaching all grades kindergarten through 12th grade, the school was seen as the ideal establishment to send the local school children.  The school was equipped with the finest teachers, cafeteria workers, and janitorial staff for miles.

The school was very successful and thought highly upon.  But in 1942 several students, known for their “disruption in the class room”, mysteriously vanished.  They were last seen at the Dent Public School.  The Dent police began an investigation and came to the conclusion that they must be runaways.  Two years later, 1945, four students went missing in October.  Local police were baffled as to what was happening to the students.  Rumors started to spread that the local children disappearing had something to do with the school.

School remained as normal but rumors kept coming out about the missing kids.  It wasn't until 1952 when three more students were not seen after school.  Students at the public school began to complain about a strange smell that was coming from the basement.  When Charlie, the head of janitorial services, was asked about the smell he said it was the pipes clogging up.  After a couple weeks the smell subsided, but new rumors spread that Charlie the janitor had something to do about the local kids disappearances.

 In October of 1955, more than seven students vanished with out a trace.  The local kids complained about a smell that was coming from the basement that was actually causing some children to pass out.  Community members of Dent rallied together and stormed up to the Dent Public School.  The angry mob bust down the large doors of the school house and proceeded to go into the basement of the school.   The local rioters were shocked at the grizzly sight that was strung throughout the janitor’s basement.

The basement was covered with the decaying remains of the missing students.  Bodies had been sealed in barrels, wedged behind the brick walls of the basement, and left in sanitary tubs to decay forever.  A search for the Janitor went over two weeks, but he was never found.  The school was closed shortly after the discovery.

The old school house is now said to be haunted with the roaming spirits of the children that were “taken care of” by the Janitor.  Rumors are that the Janitor came back after several years of the school house being closed.  His body was never found, but his spirit is still said to clean the old building.  The spirit is also said to have “taken care of” local trespassers that try sneak a peak at his home in the basement.